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School eLockers is easy and intuitive to use - Long gone are the bad old days of fussy and confusing workflow solutions for Schools, School eLockers lets you focus on the basics of content distribution, team/class collaboration, student submission and teacher assessment in a clean interface that enables your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC and/or Mac to be a secure window into your school

School eLockers gives you instant support for both formative and peer assessment. Setting up school competitions, art galleries, FAQ spaces or providing a student assignment grade has never been easier. Do it wherever you are!

With School eLockers you can safely and easily access your school home drive from your mobile, tablet, laptop or PC at home! Or anywhere else for that matter! We can work with your ICT team to provide access to department shares and pretty much anything else on your school network too. Easy access to everything no matter where you are!

School eLockers replicates your groups and timetable automatically which means you can get on with teaching and not class admin! It reduces the teacher administration burden, when you log-in your eLockers are configured for your needs, like magic.

School eLockers gives you a built in voice recorder that takes voice notes straight from your device and attaches them to content in your eLockers. You can leave homework feedback as a voice note or even leave a voice message for all your class students on cover days. Why not set your homework through spoken instruction? You can provide more information much faster than ever before and it’s personal to you and your students!

You can access your course content on the move, be it the Geography field trip, Art Gallery day out or even on the train home! Just remember to synch for offline access and you can still work on your files wherever you are even if there is no wi-fi or 4G!

School eLockers lives on-site at your school. This means that no matter how many concurrent users you have busily exchanging information your Internet line will not get clogged up. Unlike many alternative solutions School eLockers is designed to work with and not against your ICT framework. Basically this means that School eLockers will always work to the speed of the network meaning it stays fast and reliable.

You get an automatic student dropfolder that gives you a private area to discuss on a 1:1 level with each of your students. Access is provided to the relevant student and teacher only, this area is for you to work 1:1 with your student. It’s also 100% secure and sits comfortably within your school network. The output of this dropfolder is a summary of academic submission and feedback in a format of per subject per student, per year. It is the perfect space for demonstrating achievement and progression! Dropfolders can be made public for the purposes of review and inspection.

Be an individual! With no prescriptive usage methods you can now work how you want to in YOUR style. School eLockers supports different learning and teaching methods and provides immediate access to all types of file formats and media. We have some wonderful examples of practical usage in our testimonials section of the website!!

Students can begin to collaborate using School eLockers to support project based learning, dialogue can be captured and questions need only be asked once and they are instantly shared by all! Check out the workflow provided through out innovative CurationMap TM

Teachers and students can score each others work by rating files; consider how easy it would be to set-up a photography competition or audition space for the next Drama production! Uploading multiple documents one by one or sending multiple e-mails one by one is a thing of the past! Using our drag and drop features means that uploading content for student distribution is quick and simple, it’s effortless to upload multiple items and as soon as it’s uploaded it’s shared instantly with your class or group.

School eLockers works seamlessly with thousands of other apps, such as; Explain Everything, Garageband, iMovie, Notability, Book Writer, the possibilities are endless. Any app that features ‘Open In’ is supported

Want a space for parental engagement? Our parent dropfolders give you the freedom to do just that. You choose what goes in and can deal with parental enquiries on the move on a 1:1 basis.

You get unrestricted groups. Not only do you get a mirror view of your classes automatically through your tablet, smartphone, laptop or home PC but you can also create any number of ‘extra’ groups you may need. Whether it’s made up of individuals, classes, the book club, chess team, year groups or even outside members from the PTA it’s easy to create and share a collaboration project space. Want 1:1 access with all the members? That’s no problem either just add drop folders and they are automatically create. It couldn’t be simpler


School eLockers automatically mirrors your school set-up so that classes and permissions are set-up automatically. We integrate with your School MIS to ensure the timetable data is reflected in the shared eLockers. You choose how regular the data is updated. You get super-user admin to manage all aspects of School eLockers centrally.

The license includes management of the service whether you choose private or cloud hosting. This means you will always know exactly where your data is and we will provide you with a monthly report on monitoring data such as your usage, memory, server storage limits etc.

Security: School eLockers uses industry standard 128-bit SSL Encyption with all login data going over https. SNMP Traffic is encrypted with DES. This is for monitoring disk space and server load.

Automatic mapping of personal eLocker to home drive. School eLockers will check the user’s home drive location as specified in Active Directory and then automatically map that location to their School eLockers Personal eLocker. Users get instant access to their existing documents, images, presentations and videos - no uploading!

WebDAV support: Our private and shared School eLockers have full access to the WebDAV sharing protocol.

Scalable: The on-premise system design is scalable. Multiple School eLockers servers can be configured for networks with more than 1500 users. Further scalability is demonstrated through:

  • the ability to create unlimited groups
  • the ability to create additional, unlimited shared School elockers
  • the individual, private eLockers for each user of the system, unlimited storage space and the option to map as your home drive space.

Access to CIFS/SMB shares via eLockers interface. Any shares that are accessible by the user on the local network will now be mounted as a special type of shared elocker. The elocker will respect the file and folder permissions as defined on the network file system.

Automated user account creation from AD. It is now possible for a customer to automatically create all of their user accounts directly from AD - no delay, no fuss.


Peace of mind – School eLockers is designed for schools by schools. School eLockers removes restrictions and strengthens communication channels for schools in the digital age. From many years of experience and collaboration with Education we understand the needs of schools, both in terms of the technology support required and the change management processes of implementing a new system and making it work long term.

Supporting change - We believe in the transformative change that can be brought about through mobile technology. Providing users with always-on devices that they can access anywhere anytime opens up a multitude of new opportunities, at School eLockers we welcome the chance to work alongside schools in exploring these opportunities. Ask us about our ‘Beacon School’ scheme.

A simple system that enables teachers - School eLockers enables simple file share for all types of media both in the classroom or at home, in fact wherever learning can take place you can share and collaborate. It is simple and intuitive to use. There is no need to spend time and money on lengthy professional development courses. Whether your teachers are tech savvy or complete beginners we are confident School eLockers need not be a frightening prospect, more a wonderful possibility

Management of your entire mobile solution; School eLockers is the total solution for managing your school iOS devices, tablets, smartphones, laptops and PC’s both in and outside of the classroom. Our educational design with feature rich, device agnostic apps is best of breed. You get interfaces to match your device as well as the web edition; which will run on any web browser, anywhere. School eLockers is also your perfect partner for your BYOD strategy or ‘flipping the classroom’ learning

A whole School Solution - Unrestricted groups. Not only do your teachers get a mirror view of their classes automatically configured from you school MIS but you can also create any number of unlimited groups with individuals, project groups, book clubs, year groups or even outside members from the PTA. With Remote eLockers you can even collaborate with other School eLockers schools for true cross school collaboration.

A fully managed service - School eLockers is a managed service that covers; the operating system environment, web server environment, application server environment and database server environment. Everything is covered just keep the server plugged in!

Open up the school in a safe and secure way, School eLockers in collaboration with your School ICT team can open up your network shares, home drives and department files so that your teachers and students get access to the same data on their personal devices at home as they would if they were logged in at the school. It’s safe, secure and very simple, find out how School eLockers can act as a window into your school.